OneMain Financial and Main Street America (MSA) are partnering to bring you Made on Main Street, a grant program that will provide six (6) $25,000 Community Action Grants for innovative, community transformation projects led by inspirational local leaders in 2018. OneMain Financial will also host one celebration event in each of the six grant-awarded communities to showcase their commitment to investing in local communities and bring the community together.

Project Criteria

  • Project must serve the community
  • Project must be able to be completed within 24 months of grant awarding
  • Project must be feasible to accomplish within grant budget
  • Examples include, but are not limited to: façade improvements, public murals, community greenspaces and gardens, farmers or makers markets, incubator spaces, etc.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Applicants must be a 501c(3) or 501c(6) organization or a government entity.
  • Applicant must be a member of Main Street America in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, or Washington.
    • Note: if an interested community is not a current Main Street America member, Main Street America will offer a reduced membership fee for them to join during the duration of the Made on Main Street campaign.
  • Project should include plan for volunteer engagement with local OneMain Branch. Sample ideas include: clean-up days, planting, hosting a community engagement meeting, etc.
  • Applicant must be willing to engage in local media opportunities including the project celebratory event.


  • Application period: March 26-April 30, 2018
  • Informational Webinar: April 18, 2018. [Register here!]
  • Project award: May 15, 2018
  • Project celebration window (local grant winner community events): July-October 2018
  • Project implementation period: Late Summer 2018-Late Summer 2020

Rules and Regulations

Grant winners will be required to:

  • Work with OneMain Financial to promote the project, potentially via signage and media speaking opportunities
  • Execute a comprehensive liability release and indemnification agreement in favor of OneMain, requiring that OneMain be listed on the winner’s insurance policies.
  • Report periodically to MSA on the implementation of the projects and their local impact. Note: report format and further instructions will be provided after Winning Community selection.
    • Monthly: Take a picture of the transformation to be used in promotional videos showing the transformation over time.
    • Each quarter: Winning Community will report expenditure of Community Action Grant funds.
    • Annually, Winning Community will report:
      • volunteer hours, particularly in relation to OneMain branches’ involvement
      • local dollars raised or leveraged as a result of the Made on Main Street Community Action Grant
      • new partnerships created as a result of the Made on Main Street Community Action Grant
      • other metrics specific to the project type, to be decided upon execution of subgrant agreement.


Winning Communities will have twenty-four (24) months to complete their respective projects, starting upon public announcement of the Winning Community’s selection. 

  • The Community Action Grant will be paid to the Winning Communities in two portions:
    • $12,500 will be disbursed within thirty (30) days of the public announcement of the Winning Community’s selection (aka Initial Funding).
    • If the Winning Community completes the project within twenty-four (24) months, $12,500 will be disbursed upon the project’s completion (aka Final Funding).
    • If a Winning Community does not complete its project within twenty-four (24) months, one of two outcomes will occur:
      • The completion date may be extended, depending on circumstances and through approval, in their sole discretion, of both MainStreet America and OneMain, OR
      • The Winning Community will receive an amount that equals the percentage of such project which is complete as of the Completion Date (i.e., if the project is 80% complete, 60% of the Final Funding would be awarded so that the amount of the Grant actually awarded is 80%).
        • Example: 24 months after being selected, Winning Community X has completed 80% of its project. Winning Community X received $12,500 in Initial Funding. Winning Community X will receive $7,500 for final Funding. Their total Funding is $20,000, which is 80% of $25,000 (the original grant amount).
  • Completion Schedules. Winning communities will work with Grantor to establish a completion schedule with milestones indicating stages of project completion. These milestones will be used to establish percentages of completion.
  • If a Winning Community commits a material breach of its Award Agreement, or if a Winning Community has not completed fifty percent (50%) of its project by the Completion Date, the grant may be terminated, in which case no further funding would be disbursed to such community.